A tiny base class for fluent builders.

class build.Builder

A base class for builders, supporting the “with” style of chaining methods. “With” methods are dynamically generated based on the names defined in the ‘defaults’ attribute (to be overridden by subclasses) according to the template with_{name}.

To subclass Builder:
  1. Define a class attribute (a list of tuples) called defaults.
  2. Override the dict method if you need to use a custom dict class
  3. Define a build method which performs the required steps to build the object and returns an instance of the object.

A ‘with’ method for each entry in defaults will be generated for you.

>>> class MyBuilder(Builder):
...     # declare the defaults for the builder
...     defaults = [
...         ("abc", 123),
...         ("def", 456),
...         ("xyz", 789)
...     ]
...     def build(self):
...         # convert into the object you're building
...         return
>>> result = MyBuilder().with_abc(-1).with_def(-2).build()
>>> result == {'xyz': 789, 'def': -2, 'abc': -1}

Override me if you want to use a custom dict subclass for


Call any callable values in the input dictionary; return a new dictionary containing the evaluated results. Useful for lazily evaluating default values in build methods.

>>> data = {"spam": "ham", "eggs": (lambda: 123)}
>>> result = evaluate_callables(data)
>>> result == {'eggs': 123, 'spam': 'ham'}

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